SLE Module

The Smart Light Engine consists of a module with 36 High Power Z5x LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor. It’s been engineered to provide customers with the flexibility to select the optimal light source for the applications. Customers can choose the module light source by selecting the Z5x LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor and the FLT/FMT/F360 optics families from Fraen Corporation to best suit their needs. Each 36 LEDs module can be divided in different shapes (Linear, Square, Rectangular) properly cutting the SMT jumpers to better fit the application.


DG557 Bluetooth Mesh to PWM

DG558 Bluetooth Mesh to DALI

DG558 is  a  well-crafted  Bluetooth  mesh  enabled converter  controlled  by  the Silvair App. Despite its  compact form (40x80x24.45mm), this  device is  perfectly designed to  operate within lighting  control systems. Having  an input range of 90-264 V AC, an integrated DALI bus power supply (10VDC 20mA max) as well as a protection grade IP20, DG Light's converter is an innovative tool made for setting up smart lighting infrastructures.

DG559 Bluetooth Mesh to 0-10V