Silvair Platform is a complete smart lighting ecosystem that enables manufacturers to deliver enhanced lighting experience to their customers. It is a complete set of hardware and software tools that allow installers and property managers to wirelessly configure, control and manage commercial lighting systems, thanks to which they can drive down energy costs, increase the efficiency of their assets, and improve the wellbeing of building occupants.

With a fully scalable architecture based on the Bluetooth® mesh technology, Silvair Platform enables building owners to build multi-service lighting networks that generate data from sensors and physical assets. This gives them unprecedented insight into real-time performance of the entire lighting infrastructure, as well as into processes taking place across a given space. By putting that data to work, they can predict, enhance and visualize building performance to improve site profitability, optimize space utilization, or increase customer satisfaction levels across all types of commercial spaces - from retail outlets and shopping centers to hospitals, airports and museums.

What is Bluetooth® mesh?

Bluetooth mesh is a global  wireless  networking  standard  which expands  the  capabilities of the Bluetooth radio  communication by  introducing a new  type of network topology. Enabling many-to-many device connectivity, Bluetooth mesh is optimized  for creating large-scale networks consisting of thousands of devices.

Aside from its unmatched scalability and wire-like reliability, it enables a globally interoperable ecosystem of products that can work with each other out-of-the-box.

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