DG-LINDA-10-PROFILE is the new aluminum profile suitable for 0.8mm thickness PCB with 2835 mid-power LEDs (max 20W/m) and LEDiL® LINDA-10 family.

Available in standard length of 1140 mm. However, if you require custom lengths, we can be made on request according with your needs.


About LEDiL® LINDA-10 family

LINDA-10 is the latest addition to the LINDA family of extrusion lenses, designed to meet the needs of compact linear lighting applications. With its slim, sleek profile, LINDA-10 is perfect for creating discreet, seamless lighting solutions for various applications, including display cases, shelves, under-cabinet lighting, miniature light systems, thin lightboxes, refrigerators, and handrails. 

LINDA-10 is not just versatile in terms of its applications, but also offers a range of six beams.

Made from high-quality PMMA, LINDA-10 lenses are durable, lightweight, and available in standard lengths of 1140 mm. However, if you require custom lengths, they can be made on request, allowing for a tailored lighting solution that fits your exact needs. Like other members of the LINDA family, these lenses allow the creation of efficient, seamless luminaires with no visible gaps.