High quality PCBs can be cost effective in Europe as well. Please send us your request for a quote

All PCBs are made in Europe - Slovenia

One source for initial quantities and mass production

Flexible lean manufacturing processes

Local PCB supplier reduces time to market

Technical consulting at design stage

Short delivery time and on time delivery

Competitive prices with european quality

Standard base materials




CEM3 High Thermal CTI600V



By promoting innovation and investments in automation, AKA PCB has become one of the leading European manufacturers of printed circuit boards. With more than 55 years of experience AKA PCB has specialised in producing one-sided printed circuit boards. AKA PCB maintain market position and competitiveness by constantly upgrading production process and increasing automation, which allows them to achieve high quality and productivity.

AKA’s main markets are the countries of the European Union. They sell their printed circuit boards to manufacturers of household appliances, automotive electronics, lighting technology, telecommunications, medical equipment, and other technologies.

AKA PCB is aware that the production and technology of printed circuit boards are closely intertwined, their highly qualified experts offer clients help and counselling in the design stage. The company is large enough to produce large series of products and, at the same time, small enough to be able to adapt to the client’s needs. AKA PCB is a highly innovative company with excellent staff, capable of quickly responding to clients and fulfilling their needs.